Published March 19, 2013 by gracelynette

Friends.They are amazing,and just too good for words.I’ve been through the ups and down in my 13 years of life,and my friends are always being a HUGE part of it.Whether its good or bad,I can always count on them.But sometimes things just don’t go the way it has,now that’s where we’ll fight.

We girls don’t do fist fight.When girls fight they don’t talk to each other.I’m a girl and still can’t understand why.I guess that’s the natural instinct of girls when they fight.But after we don’t talk to each other,we begin to miss each other.Like the way we use to laugh and cry together,share secrets,giggle together and many more.Tha’ts usually where one of us try to talk first.behold folks,the famous “Girls Talk”.

It’s a heart to heart talk only girls can do.Most boys will think it’s stupid.Usually after we let out our feeling and clear the misunderstanding,we cry,we hug or shake hands,and no more “don’t-talk-to-each-other”-ness(?).I remember my first fight with my friend. 2 words,”Elementary School”.We’re too afraid(or shy) to talk face to face so we use letters.Now that I think about it,that is so old fashioned.I’m still friends with that girl in elementary school,we laugh about that incident nowadays.

Friends just come and go.To have a new friend is pleasant,but to let go of a friend is very..hard.But they’ll thank you someday for letting go.For letting them be who God wanted them to be.Hug them in your heart,but don’t hold them back.Give them a chance to grow,to and change,with or without you.Don’t forget them,because somehow,they are one of those people who made you who you are today.

                                                                                    A friend is the best thing you can get,

                                                                                    and the best thing you can be.


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