About Me

Published March 19, 2013 by gracelynette

I’m a girl,and I’m currently 13,living in Jakarta,Indonesia.I love music so soo much.I’m new to blogs and all this tech stuff so I might not be too good at it,but I’ll try.

I’m a smiler,swifty,and a taeganger.I also like Jayeslee ,if you don’t know them,they are cover artists from youtube.

I love the rain for no exact reason.I just feel really really good when it rains.There are sometimes on my life where I feel very calm and peaceful,…….and a bit melancholic (Lol),like when the sky is grey and the wind softly blows my hair,seeing a beautiful scenery on a high place,watching chick flicks by myself and cry about it without nobody knowing, that’s just my favorite moments. ❤

I speak Indonesian and English fluently and know VERY basic Japanese,Chinese,and Korean (by VERY basic I mean just a teeny tiny bit of ‘em *peace*.) I’m a big fan of Harry Potter films,I just can’t get enough of them.The book I enjoyed the most is Chicken Soup,it has lots of choices,especially for young girls like me.

My favorite story..fairytale..play.. thingy are “Romeo and Juliet” & “Hamlet” both by William Shakespeare.I enjoy travelling from one place to another and was fascinated by the different cultures I’ve seen.My first concert and the only concert I’ve ever been to is SMTOWN World Tour 2012 Live in Jakarta.

I can’t chose between the world’s 4 seasons,I like them all,they have their own uniqueness.My favorite holiday is none other than…Christmas! I feel warmth,joy,and hopeful on Christmas day.We exchange gifts,have this small celebration and feast at my house every year.and when I go out at night I cant help but to lift my head facing the sky at look at the star,sometimes I even make a wish~~. So…That was stuff about me,sorry if it got boring,peace out .


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